Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for funding?
Firstly read through all the information below and the application notes to ensure you are eligible. Then check that you are in an area covered by our scheme by checking the Sites section of this website. If you still think your project fits in with the type of projects we fund, download and fill in one of the application forms available on this site. Complete your form and return it to SITA Cornwall Trust, all our contact details are all on this site.

Who can apply for funding?
Any individual or not for profit organisation, in Cornwall that has a project which fits the criteria can apply to SCT for funding. For further details please click here. To check if your location is eligible for funding please refer to the Sites section of this website.

Can schools apply for funding?
Projects on school or pre-school sites can only be considered if the following can be clearly demonstrated:
  • The wider community has significant opportunities to use the facility;
  • The facility is run by an organisation that is separate from the school (although the school may be represented);
  • Access to the facility for community use must be via an entrance that is separate from the school.
What type of projects do we support?
A wide range of projects are supported by SCT including; Community facilities, historic buildings and structures, sport and recreation facilities, land reclamation projects and restoration or enhancement of natural habitats. For further details please click here.

Can Photovoltaic projects be funded?
The Trust cannot fund photovoltaic cells, and will only consider funding solar panels where there is a clear need for replacement of an existing heating system which is no longer serviceable or if it is part of a wider amenity project in which it makes sense to make such improvements whilst other work is being undertaken.

Can Churches apply for funding?
Funding for Churches is limited to 150,000 annually. Works to Churches should be fabric related and heating projects will only be considered if they include a sustainable energy element.

How much money will we get?
Successful applicants may receive the full amount of their requested grant or a lesser amount if practical for the scheme.

How do I get more information?
More information is available by downloading the Funding Notes and Assessment Criteria Document, please click here to download the form.
If you require further information, clarification or have any questions please contact our office, click here for our details.

What is the Contributing Third Party Payment (CTP)?
The CTP is a non-refundable payment that must be paid before funding can be unlocked.

Contributing Third Party payment (CTP)
Before SITA Cornwall Trust can release funding to a supported project we need to receive a payment called the Contributing Third Party payment (CTP). This payment is unique to the Landfill Communities Fund.

Under the Landfill Communities Fund scheme rules, SITA UK (our donor) can contribute some of the landfill tax it collects to SITA Cornwall Trust, and reclaim most (but not all) as a tax credit. The scheme regulator requires a fee and each successful application also incurs other minor costs.

To make up the shortfall, SITA UK requires that 12% of the money provided is recovered from third parties. We call this element the Contributing Third Party (CTP) payment.

Under the rules, Landfill Communities Fund money cannot be used to provide the CTP so it must be raised from other sources. The CTP is paid to SITA UK and not SITA Cornwall Trust but neither SITA UK nor SITA Cornwall Trust will benefit financially.

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